Nigel Tau

Company since 2016, Apprentice 2015

Nigel began dancing at age 10 with The Academy of Dance in his home town of Savannah, Georgia. In 2013, he became a trainee with Next Generation Ballet, and performed in the school’s own productions as well as with Opera Tampa and the Florida Symphony Orchestra. He went on to train with BalletMet on a full scholarship, where he performed and rehearsed alongside the company in shows such as the Great Gatsby and Nutcracker.

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Next Generation Ballet:
Wolf, Sleeping Beauty, Marius Petipa
Three Preludes, Mark Morris
Mouse King, The Nutcracker

Pas de Trois, Paquita, Marius Petipa
Cinderella, Edwaard Liang’s
The Great Gatsby, Jimmy Orrante


I like to eat, and therefore cook. I love to mess around in the kitchen to find tasty new combinations, like crushing up pretzels into eggs.

I’ve been known to read from time to time, and am currently working on finishing the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Because I like books that make you both think and laugh.

I also enjoy quiet walks outside and blasting loud music in my headphones.