Ednis Gomez

Company Member since 2014

Ednis Gomez was born in the Dominican Republic, where he began his training at Expresiones y Danza Soraya Gallardo at the age of 16. In 2007, Ednis moved to Madrid, Spain, where he was chosen to study choreography and interpretive dance in the Alicia Alonso institute at King Juan Carlos University. While studying, he danced as a soloist at Ballet de Camara de Madrid for five years. Returning to the Dominican Republic, Ednis danced Choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and others with the National Ballet. In 2014, he was invited to dance as a guest in Grand Rapids Ballet’s production of Midsummer.

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Coppelia, Alicia Alonso
Nutcracker, Lienz Chang
Arabian, Snow Prince, The Nutcracker, Traditional
Walpurgis Night’s, Leonid Lavrovsky
Graduation Ball, David Lichine
Agua Viva, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Still@Live, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Symbiosis, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Pantheon, Antonio Gomez
Balada para un Loco, Manuel Garzón Albarrán
Studio A, Manuel Garzón Albarrán
Transmix, Massimo Morricone
Gotan, Juliano Peparinni
Memento Mori, Lienz Chang
Firebird, Enrique Perez
Pop, Carlos Veitia, Elizabeth Crooke, Isadora Bruno
Midsummer, Olivier Wevers